Local Montessori Schools Gains Accreditation

Mace Montessori School gets Montessori accreditation at two of their schools, with more to come!!!

Mace Montessori in Hammersmith and Wandsworth have both gained their accreditation under the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board (MEAB) scheme.

The scheme offers support and guidance to Montessori schools in order to ensure that Montessori provision is of a high quality. The scheme, which includes two visits by MEAB assessors to the setting, also seeks to reassure parents that their Montessori school meets all the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

It’s a little known fact that only approximately half of schools and nurseries that use the Montessori label are officially accredited, which makes this achievement all the more noteworthy.

Kim McCreery head of Mace Montessori in Wandsworth said “The accreditation ensures that schools using the Montessori name have to offer the high quality education it stands for. This can only result in being an advantage to the children. We are absolutely delighted with this great achievement.  The teachers work so hard and show great dedication, and I would like to personally thank them all. ”

They have received their accreditation certificate and the ‘MEAB Accredited’ logo for use on their website, and were presented with a plaque to further celebrate their success — along with the other accredited schools — at the awards ceremony held at the Institute of Education in London on Friday 12 December 2014.

The schools are based in Dalling Road in Hammersmith and Thorparch Road in Wandsworth and care for children between the ages of 3 months to 5 years of age.


Mace Montessori

Mace Montessori Schools are committed to delivering exceptional standards of pre-school Montessori and Early Years Foundation care and education with an uncompromising approach to quality.

At Mace we admit children to school from 12 weeks to 5½ years old.

We employ fully trained Montessori teachers for our Pre-school rooms integrated with Early Years Foundation teachers for our younger Baby and Toddler rooms.

This helps to ensure that the needs of our little children (12 weeks to 2 ½ years old) are carefully monitored, nurtured and supported throughout their school day along with classical Montessori in our Pre-school rooms.

We recognise the parents as the primary educators of their children, therefore work closely in partnership with the parent in each child's care and teaching.

Our nurseries have dedicated kitchens ensuring all our children’s nutrition needs are met the best way possible.

Our OFSTED reports can be found
online here.

We have been running private pre-school nurseries since 2005 and have consistently provided high quality education and childcare to the children in our nurseries.

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