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Our Day

The daily routine of the school rooms will depend hugely on the age of your child. Each day is planned and approved by our professionals to include activities that are perfect for your child's learning.

  • 8.00 -9:00


    We eat baby cereal to get the energy we need for our busy day.

  • 9:30


    Sleep time for younger babies and fresh fruit for those who need a little snack to keep tummies happy.

  • 10:00-11:15


    It’s time for a special activity such as messy play (corn flour, sand, water play…) or craft (painting, hand printing, collage…)

  • 11:15-12:00


    Yummy yummy in my tummy! We really enjoy our lovely lunch, tasty and well-balanced for our age!

  • 12:00-14:00


    Time for a rest, we really need to relax after such a busy morning.

  • 14:00


    After our nap, it's wonderful to have a drink and a snack!

  • 15:00-16:00


    Let’s see how is the weather outside… we love being outdoors!

  • 16:00


    Another delicious meal for our hungry tummies! Our key person encourages us to hold our spoons even if we end up making a big mess with our food!

  • 16:30


    It's time to play with our friends and explore the room!

  • 18:00


    The day is over! It was an exciting and busy day!
    Time to wave Bye to my friends and carers.

  • 8:00-9:00


    Smiley faces arrive at door and children are welcomed in with cuddles. We choose from a selection of toast and cereals. We are encouraged to serve ourselves.

  • 8:30-9:30


    Montessori cycle of practical life, sensorial, literacy, maths and culture; includes outdoor play and visits to the local community.

  • 9:30-10:45


    We love to get fresh air and explore our outside environment.

  • 10:45-11:10


    Circle time. Say hello, discuss the days of the week, the weather, season, topic of the week. At the end the children choose what they want to say.

  • 11:10-11:40


    Tidy up time and ready for lunch. Wash hands.

  • 11:40-14:00


    Time for a rest, we really need to relax after such a busy morning.

  • 14:00-15:40


    It’s time for a special activity such as messy play (corn flour, sand, water play…) or craft (painting, hand printing, collage…).

  • 15:40-16:00


    It's time to play with our friends and explore our environment. Let's choose an activity!

  • 16:00-16:30


    Another delicious meal for our hungry tummies!

  • 16:30-18:00


    The day is over! It was an exciting and busy day! Time to wave Bye to my friends and carers.

  • 8:00-9:00


    Welcome and Breakfast time (pour their own milk, spoon their own cereal as part of the Montessori method)

  • 9:00-11:30


    Montessori cycle of practical life, sensorial, literacy, maths and culture.

  • 11:30-12:00


    Circle time - songs, rhymes and stories. Say hello, discuss the days of the week, the weather, season, topic of the week. At the end the children choose what they want to say.

  • 12:00-12:30


    Tidy up time and ready for lunch. Wash hands.

  • 12:30-14:00


    Park time, structured activities, parachute, swings, sand play, feed the ducks. This routine changes each day.

  • 14:00-15:00


    Montessori cycle of practical life, sensorial, literacy, maths and culture. Time to choose an activity!

  • 15:30-16:00


    Circle time - songs, rhymes and stories.

  • 16:00-16:30


    Let's see what's for tea!

  • 16:30-18:00


    We're very busy until it's time to say goodbye to our friends and teachers. See you tomorrow!

Our Team

At Mace Green Gables, our team of Montessori Directresses and Educators, work together to interlink both the EYFS and Montessori ethos to support the development of our children in their early years.

Our fantastic team are supported by their manager, Kelly Burrows.

Many of our staff members have worked at Green Gables for many years and this adds to the sense of community that exists at Mace Green Gables.

All of our staff are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Services) checked before joining the nursery. We have members of staff with qualifications including Montessori Directresses, Masters Degrees in Education, BA Degrees in Education, Level 3 Diplomas, Level 2 Diplomas currently studying towards Level 3 and senior staff members studying towards Management Level 3. Our staff attend extensive training courses both in house and provided by the Borough of Tower Hamlets to ensure that they are able to deliver the very best to our children.

The Teacher or ‘Directress’:

The teacher’s role differs from that of a traditional teacher s/he is a keen observer of the individual needs of each child and makes observations to allow him/her plan. S/he demonstrates the correct use of the materials as they are individually chosen and is trained to recognise when a child is ready for a piece of material or to help encourage a child to choose a new challenge. If a child makes a mistake s/he does not intervene allowing the child to self correct. Above all, the teacher is a role model.

Within the classroom we are trying to help the child develop inner discipline. We want the child to control themselves, as the occasion requires. To achieve this we provide freedom within limits. These are:

• Freedom to chose work – as long as the work has been presented to him/her
• Freedom to work for as long as he/she wants with a piece of material – as long as they use the material for
the correct purpose.

Our Values

At Mace Green Gables Montessori we recognise the parents as the primary educators of their children; we therefore work closely in partnership with the parent in each child’s care and teaching.

We are a Montessori nursery and therefore follow the Montessori philosophy and culture throughout the setting. We also introduce the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), which is the national curriculum, to our children. The Montessori approach teaches the children to become independent, have the freedom to choose activities and learn in a clean and calm environment with a wide range of resources. Our children have qualified teachers who are able to lead them along the right path where they learn, develop, thrive and achieve.

Our Aims and Objectives are:
• To help children develop according to their unique potential
• To assist in the total development of the child; socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically,
culturally and spiritually
• To respect the children, treat them with dignity, trust and patience
• To provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment which will help the children develop themselves
including the foundation habits, attitudes, skills and ideas which are essential for a lifetime of creative
thinking and learning
• To follow the Montessori Philosophy whilst embracing the early years foundation stage and Montessori
curriculum thus ensuring the children develop to their full potential

The Montessori Approach

Dr Montessori’s approach to education is child centred and is based on mutual respect and co-operation. She believed children should be provided with an ordered and secure environment where they are free to explore and discover. If the environment is organised to meet the child’s needs at different stages of development then it will recognise the children’s natural love of learning and the importance of learning at their own pace. If you walk into a Montessori classroom you will invariably see happy and busy children working purposefully and independently on a variety of different materials. The classroom will be beautiful and enticing and created to reinforce the child’s independence and urge towards self-development. This is achieved through beauty, accessibility and order. The Montessori materials are beautifully handcrafted, displayed on low open shelves, each material has a specific place and each is arrange in sequence from simple to more complex.

The Materials

The materials in the prepared environment are designed to:
• Stimulate the child into logical thought and discovery
• Allow the child to work independently
• Focus on one concept at a time
• Encourage the child’s spontaneous involvement and repetitive use
• They are self-correcting so mistakes are a private matter; the child is free from adult judgement and gets
immediate feedback on his own activity. This creates a positive attitude when exploring new things.

Our objective is to allow each child to experience the excitement of learning by his/her own choice rather than being directed. The prepared environment allows this by providing the child with the materials with which he/she can work independently after being introduced to it by the directress. The directress knows which materials to present, as s/he knows the level of achievement and interest of the child. After a presentation a child is free to take the material and work with it independently.

Mace Green Gables is approved by OFSTED/CSIW (in Wales).


Each room has their individual routine and operational system based on the age group. When you join nursery a welcome meeting will be arranged with your child’s key person or room leader where you will be provided with the information on how the room is run and the daily routines.

A written feedback form is given to babies daily and verbal feedback is given to parents daily when they pick up their children. This will give you information on your child’s nappy changing times, sleep times and meals. Parent/Teacher consultations are held in the autumn and spring terms and a written report is sent home at the end of the academic year. All children are monitored by a computerised tracking system called, ‘My Montessori Child’. This system translates all the progress your child makes with the Montessori curriculum into all the Early Years goals achieved and allows us to supply you with a computerised profile while, with your own unique password, you will be able to access online at any time to see your son/daughter’s progress.

As we all know, it is not easy to please children when it comes to food. However, we have managed to put together fantastic menus providing homemade foods; we bake pizza and bread on site and offer no processed foods, salt or sugar. We also cater for children with special dietary requirements such as halal, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, etc. Please see a copy of our menu in the nutrition section. We offer mothers who wish to express milk for their babies, a quiet area within the baby room to do so; the milk will be labelled and kept in the milk fridge to be used for your baby as needed.

At Mace Green Gables we have a beautiful large garden for the children to enjoy. It is important that the children use the garden daily and benefit from the fresh air. There are no fixed time slots for using the garden as we try to have each room outside more than once during the day.

Toilet training is a big step for your child and it is important that nursery be consistent with home. We encourage parents to start toilet training ideally before your child moves to the Pre-school room, when the children are fully settled, and bonded with their key person. Before the start the toilet training process, the key person will have a discussion with parents to agree on the process and daily feedback will be given on the progress.


At Mace Green Gables, we ensure that our nursery provides a safe environment for all children, parents and staff. Our nursery staff members receive regular training and updates on health & safety issues and we have a health and safety coordinator.

We have a security system in place at Mace Green Gables to ensure safety and we ask that all parents press the buzzer for the room where their child attends, identifies themselves and then enters with staff permission. We urge all parents to not let any person they do not recognise into the nursery. If you are sending another person to pick up your child, please email us the person’s photograph and a password, the information will be printed out and given to your child’s key worker/room leader to help them recognise the person when they arrive at nursery. This procedure is in place to protect your children.

The nursery is equipped with an effective fire safety system and we have fire drills every six weeks. All fire drills are recorded and new staff members receive fire evacuation training as part of their induction.


Play is central to a child’s learning.

“Discovery is far more than a means to livelihood, far more than a spice of life. Discovery is the ultimate of human achievement. Discovery is thrill, excitement and euphoria. Discovery is the difference between victory and defeat between satisfaction and disappointment, between success and failure. Discovery is the prime goal of every true research scientist, every explorer of the great unknown.”

– from The Art Of Discovery, by J Oliver 

An important element of the Infant curriculum, is the opportunity to develop through Heuristic Play. This type of play describes the activity of babies as they play and explore the properties of ‘objects’. These ‘objects’ are things from the real world and are offered in a basket known as the Treasure Basket. The aim of this activity is to stimulate all of the senses, creating a rich learning experience.

In order to support each and every element of learning in young babies and infants, we offer the freedom to explore our spacious outdoor garden. At Green Gables, we believe that the need for outdoor play is equally, if not more important than time spent indoors for the child. Outdoor play is different from time spent indoors and the sensory experiences vary. Infants and Toddlers are offered the freedom to explore our natural outdoor environment and interact with older and younger children.


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