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Our fees are competitive and varied, giving you a wide range of choices and options.

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Virtual Vouchers

Please call us at Mace for more info or simply log on to Virtual Vouchers here

Virtual Vouchers are flexible, easy to set up and simple to operate. virtualvouchers administer the scheme, therefore there is minimal administration for both employees and employers.

Virtual Vouchers can be used to pay a nursery, childminder, nanny, after-school club, holiday playscheme and in some cases family members.

Virtual Vouchers can be used:

• as a subsidy given by the employer

• as part of a flexible benefits package

• in conjunction with a Salary Sacrifice scheme.

A subsidy is simple…

• You fill in an agreement form

• Virtual Vouchers raises an invoice to company listing employees Virtual Vouchers
values and sends to company on agreed date in month

• Employer remits the agreed amount to virtualvouchers by BACS

• For regular monthly payments your childcarer will be paid by BACS transfer into their bank account at the beginning of the month for which the fees are due.

Benefits are flexible...

• Part of a flexible benefits scheme

• Employee selects varying value virtualvouchers on a monthly basis

• virtualvouchers invoices employer

• Employer remits the agreed amount to virtualvouchers by BACS

• Virtual Vouchers pays carer by BACS at the beginning of the month for which the fees are due

• Employee and employer agree Virtual Vouchers amount and simple change of contract

• Employee’s salary is reduced matching voucher value

• Employer recovers nominated amount by reduction in employee’s salary

It’s flexible…Childcare needs can be variable. Virtual Vouchers builds flexibility into a Salary Sacrifice scheme.

• Salary Sacrifice requires same reduction each month

• Employee estimates annual cost of childcare

• virtualvouchers estimates monthly average

• Employee’s monthly vouchers are “banked”

• virtualvouchers manage the employee’s account

• Employee instructs virtualvouchers to pay carer when required.

• Up to maximum amount in employee’s account can be paid.

Busy Bees

Please call us at Mace for more info or simply go  to http://www.busybeesvouchers.com/

Childcare Vouchers are Non-Taxable and exempt from National Insurance Contributions (N.I.C.) for employees and offer National Insurance reductions to employers.

Childcare Vouchers have become the recognised payment method for Childcare. All eligible working parents, with children under 16, are entitled to Childcare Vouchers regardless of tax status.

Busy Bees have been involved within the Childcare sector for over 24 years and currently supply more UK organisations with with Childcare vouchers than any other provider.

At Busy Bees we believe Childcare Voucher Schemes are win, win for both employees and employers.

Employee wins…

  • Reduced Tax and National Insurance Contributions
  • Save up to £1,196* per annum per parent towards the cost of your childcare
  • Both parents can participate representing a potential saving of up to £2,392* per family per annum
  • A wide range of fast, efficient payment methods are available
  • Childcare Vouchers can be used to pay for the following forms of registered childcare: day nurseries, childminders, before & after school clubs, au pairs and even holiday clubs for school age children
  • No need to change your childcarer.

Employer wins…

  • N.I.C savings up to £373* per employee per annum
  • Assists in the retention and recruitment of staff
  • Minimal administration
  • A flexible scheme, tailored to your organisations requirements.

*Subject to individual circumstances

Accor Service Vouchers

Please call us at Mace or simply log on to  Voucher Here

Childcare Vouchers – a valuable benefit for you and your family

Your employer shares your concerns about balancing your working life with the demands made on you as a parent. Paper or electronic Childcare Voucher schemes can be provided via your employer to help you save money on your childcare costs while you are at work. The schemes can be provided as a solo salary sacrifice scheme or as part of your flexible benefits package – whichever way it is provided you will be able to save money on the cost of childcare.

Care-4 vouchers

Please call us at Mace or simply log in here

What is care-4?

The care-4 scheme is a product of The Grass Roots Group. It was the first UK electronic childcare scheme to take advantage of the Childcare Voucher Legislation.

This scheme must be provided by the Employer and in doing so, they save Employer National Insurance contributions for each employee participating. It can be included within a flexible benefits package or as a ‘stand alone’ benefit.

When an employee commits to regular childcare payments through the care-4 scheme, by means of a ‘salary reduction’, they will save tax and National Insurance contributions on the first £55 per week paid.

The employee receives the salary sacrifice in their personal, secure care-4 account. Payments can be authorised online, via the telephone, or through scheduled payment, direct to their nominated eligible carer’s bank account. A seamless way of saving on childcare, without the administrative hassle of paper vouchers!

Care-4 is fully automated and accessible to users around the clock through the automated telephone and online. However there is personal assistance during the daytime if preferred.

Child Tax Credits

Do I qualify For Child Tax Credit? – Government online questionnaire Tax Link here

You can claim Child Tax Credit if you are responsible for at least one child or young person. You do not have to be working to claim.

Child Tax Credit helps to support

  • a child until 1 September after their 16th birthday
  • a young person aged 16 to 18 in full-time education, up to and including ‘A’ levels, NVQ level 3 or Scottish Highers
  • a young person aged 16 or 17 who– has left full-time education but does not have a job or a training place and has signed on with the Careers Service or Connexions Service (Training and Employment Agency in Northern Ireland)
  • is not claiming Income Support or tax credits in his or her own right
  • is not serving a custodial sentence of more than four months.

How much can I claim?

We pay Child Tax Credit on top of Child Benefit and any Working Tax Credit you may be able to get.
The table opposite shows how much money you could get for the tax year 2011-12 (that is, 6 April 2011 to 5 April 2012) if you cannot get Working Tax Credit. You could get higher amounts if you are in work.
The maximum amount available decreases as your income (or joint income, if you are part of a couple) increases. In general, taxable income such as

  • earnings from employment or self-employment
  • some social security benefits, and
  • income from savings counts as income in tax credit claims.

The guidance notes that go with the claim form explain in more detail what counts as income.

What if I have a new baby?
You will receive a higher rate of Child Tax Credit, which we pay in the year after a child’s birth.

How do you pay Child Tax Credit?
We pay Child Tax Credit directly to the main carer for all the children in the family. You can choose whether to get payments weekly or every four weeks.

We normally pay tax credits into a bank or building society account, or a Post Office® card account.

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